Sunergy is recognized by Norwegian Ministry of International Development

Heikki Holmås
On Thursday, February 14th  SunErgy, the sister company of 2 Mites, was invited to the Norwegian Minister of International Development Mr. Heikki Holmås to givean orientation about the SunErgy project in Cameroon. The Minister expressed great interest in the project making a number of positive remarks. Furthermore, the Minister acknowledged that through this project  people will assess not only to electricity, but also the opportunity to escape poverty. Combined with the access to micro financing, the opportunity increases drastically.  He promised continued support to the project.
During the meeting SunErgy invited the Minister to the opening of the first solar power station in August.

Increased attention to Sunergy

In a report published by the Norwegian School of Management BI, SunErgy, the sister company of 2 Mites, is used as an example of Norwegian companies entering Africa. The report was discussed at a conference sponsored by Norfund, Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Employers Confederation (NHO) held in Oslo in February, gathering more than 200 Norwegian business and political leaders. “We feel very privileged and honored being one of six companies described with whole page in this fifty-six page report”, says Mr. Ole Hallvard Haugen, Chairman of SunErgy Board of Directors and continues “who had ever thought when we started SunErgy that we would be mentioned alongside one of the worlds largest oil companies, the  Statoil. The combination of SunErgy and 2 Mites seems to get much attention”.

2 Mites sister company SunErgy to build first solar power stations.

SunErgy, the sister company of 2 Mites, has secured 150 000 m2 of land to build its first 44 solar power stations in Cameroon. According to Managing Director of SunErgy  Dr. Stein Skjørshammer 44 villages have signed up for the project.  “The land available to us is enough to triple the capacity to a total production of 198 MWh per day or 72 GWh per year, making SunErgy one of the largest suppliers of electricity in Cameroon. However, first phase calls for the production of 66 MWh per day or 24 GWh per year. All land is officially registered in the Land registry of Cameroon. We are very satisfied with the progress of the project and looking forward to build the first three solar power plants in 2013, starting this spring. Soon we will start building with 2 Mites offering micro credit to the people for installation of electricity into their homes and purchase of electrical home appliances, such as lamps.

SunErgy to build new HQ in Cameroon

On Thursday, January 24th SunErgy gained access to its new HQ in Cameroon, which will be shared with 2 Mites.  The new HQ consists of some 250 square meters of office space, 850 square meter of warehouse and workshop on 4.000 square meter of land in OMBE Industrial Park outside Buea. Immediately after gaining the access, SunErgy Cameroon started to build the fence around the property. Ombe Industrial Park is one of the three industrial parks in Cameroon, owned and operated by the government. “We were lucky to secure this property with its strategic location, with immediate access to the main road, water, electricity and Internet,” says Managing Director of SunErgy Dr. Stein Skjorshammer. “The rental price was just fantastic. This will be our HQ for a long time. Immediately after having built the fence we will start updating the buildings.

fence building