SunErgy to build new HQ in Cameroon

On Thursday, January 24th SunErgy gained access to its new HQ in Cameroon, which will be shared with 2 Mites.  The new HQ consists of some 250 square meters of office space, 850 square meter of warehouse and workshop on 4.000 square meter of land in OMBE Industrial Park outside Buea. Immediately after gaining the access, SunErgy Cameroon started to build the fence around the property. Ombe Industrial Park is one of the three industrial parks in Cameroon, owned and operated by the government. “We were lucky to secure this property with its strategic location, with immediate access to the main road, water, electricity and Internet,” says Managing Director of SunErgy Dr. Stein Skjorshammer. “The rental price was just fantastic. This will be our HQ for a long time. Immediately after having built the fence we will start updating the buildings.

fence building

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