2 Mites and SunErgy office is almost ready!

The renovation and building of the 2 Mites and SunErgy office is going according to our plan and will be ready within a couple of weeks. “We have finished building the fence and are busy remodeling the office”, Dr. Skjørshammer says and continues “In addition, we will soon finish the work on the mechanical workshop just in time to receive the container with machinery and equipment. In the workshop, SunErgy will build and equip the turnkey solar power station, build the mounting racks for the solar panels and all other mechanical work needed to be done. This will also be the head office of Mites, who also will run and operate a entrepreneurship center here.”

Next Entrepreneurship seminar coming up soon!

Next Entrepreneurship seminar is planned from 23 April to 3 May  2013 . Approximately 100 persons from the next villages we plan to build the solar power stations are invited to participate. According to Dr. Skjørshammer, the seminar received NOK 200 000 from Norad for covering of expenses. “We truly appreciate the support, both financial and otherwise from Norad. They are a source of great inspiration. After the seminar we plan to publish a brief report together with pictures”.