Next Entrepreneurship seminar is coming up!

Next visit to Cameroon is set for April 19 with the agenda of arranging the Entrepreneurship seminar. According to Dr. Skj√łrshammer more that 100 persons have signed up for the seminar, which will last for twelve days. “It will be a fantastic experience for us to live together during these days, sharing hopes and dreams. The result from our last seminar was the creation of more than 700 new jobs, which is quite extraordinary. If one makes the calculation that 8 persons in Cameroon live from the salary of one persons, then 5600 persons benefited¬† from the seminar. This time the participants are from “the eleven villages along the road”, which are the next villages to be “electrified”. I hope that the results will be no less than at the last seminar. It is fantastic that we have this opportunity to enable people to escape poverty and thus improve their lives.”