“Electric” times for Bokosso

Increased activity
The people of Bokosso have experienced  increased activity the past few weeks, which has included working on the solar power site, signing up for electricity and the wiring of their homes.
Building the site
Last week  SunErgy started work on building the site for the solar power plant in Bokosso. Within a couple of weeks the site shall be ready for installation of the solar power plant. Mr. Mike Fohba, Project Manager of SunErgy,  can inform “that all is going according to the plan. We are using as many local people as possible in order to help local people to work, enabling them to earn some additional money. We are also looking to the future, working on the Bokosso will provide training for participating in building the next plants. I should also add that 2 Mites is an important parter, since they are the ones offering loans to the people, making it possible for them to have access to electricity.”
Signing up for electricity
Week 37 was “signing up for electricity, cable TV and Internet week” in Bokosso. “The good news is that all people signed up”, according to Country Manager of Sunergy Mr. Emmanuel Nkom, who continues “and why not? All people, all around the world want and need this. Nobody wants to live in darkness, not knowing what is going on in the worlds. This week was “electric” in Bokosso. People could not sign up fast enough. A fantastic week for the people and for SunErgy. More power to you!”
 Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel, who is in charge of funding adds “this is something we have been looking forward to and planned for a long time, a milestone. With this the people are able to move out from “stone age” into a new and brighter future!”
Household wiring
Household wiring of Bokosso has also started with Chief Electrical Engineer of SunErgy, Mr. John Ngam in charge.
“This is the biggest job I have ever had” says Mr. Ngam and continues “and the most important. It is fantastic to be part of it. We are about to start wiring of 160 homes, plus local businesses and industry. We have worked hard to get where we are today, but we made it and soon people can switch on the light and enjoy light, television and Internet. That for people in this remote part of the world is nothing less than a miracle. I am blessed for being part of it!”
“Dr. Stein Skjørshammer, Managing Director of SunErgy says “We can all rejoice, light is here! It is fantastic how Sunergy and 2 Mites are working together, SunErgy building and 2 Mites making it affordable. Just great!”

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