There is a flow of new people opening Deposit Accounts in 2 Mites. Only last week 28 people joined. “Each day new people are joining,” says Mrs. Mariana, who is responsible for the activity. People are so eager and interested. It is just fantastic. In addition to the opening up of new accounts, many people have made loan applications for installment of electricity in their homes.
The Project Manager of Sunergy Cameroon Mr. Mike Fohba, informs that “we have already made some “test installation” in the first village to be electrified, the village of Bokosso. In a few weeks we will start installation of the first 25 homes after which the rest will follow fast.”


On November 28th 2 Mites started a seminar on Entrepreneurship together with Bamenda University of Science and Technology at their campus in Bamenda.  More than 150 persons attended the seminar. “This seminar was arranged in connection to the doctoral defense of Christian Toggenburger from Switzerland”, says Dr. Skjørshammer. “Dr. Toggenburger was one of my students from Estonia, who chose to defend his dissertation at Bamenda University of Science and Technology. He did so with great success”. For further reading please follow the link


On November 27th the foundation was laid at Bamenda University of Science and Technology for the Toggenburger Institute for Renewable Energy by Dr. Toggenburger, named “Father of the Institute”. According to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development Professor Gwanfogbe Mathew Basung, “the institute will work on applied research related to renewable energy, beginning with solar energy. It will also offer a Bachelors degree  in Engineering. This is something we have been wanting for a long time. With the help of Dr. Toggenburger it will become a reality”. For further reading please follow the link