2 Mites and SunErgy just shipped a truck and a forklift to Cameroon from Sweden. “We were lucky to get the truck and forklift for a good price in Sweden through Mr. Håkon Blom, who runs a shop selling used heavy equipment and machinery.  Dr. Skjørshammer says. “Mr. Blom was very kind to us. In addition to selling us the truck, he also “threw in” seven spare tires and will be responsible for shipping the truck, which will be used for transporting various equipment into the field from our workshop in Ombe. When making a trial transport of a container to the village of Bokosso, we quickly understood that we need to have access to our own equipment, not relying on others. This is a “first”. Soon we will ship additional equipment as need arises and it becomes available for a good price.”

(Picture showing Knut-Arne Wendel and Dr. Skjørshammer standing proudly in front of the newly acquired truck and forklift ready for shipment to Cameroon).

Volvo truck

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