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On July 27 CNN hosted a program about electricity in Africa on CNN/Marketplace Africa, featuring the United Nations and the former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. In the program Annan talks about the needs and the opportunities related to solar energy in Africa, comparing Africa`s energy situation to the Industrial Revolution. To watch the show on CNN please go to http://edition.cnn.com/videos/intl_tv-shows/2015/07/27/spc-marketplace-africa-green-energy-b.cnn .

On June 15 The Guardian hosted an article by Larry Elliott on “Group headed by Kofi Annan urges west to help Africa fund solar panels” .To read the article, please go to http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jun/05/group-headed-by-kofi-annan-urges-west-help-africa-solar-panels

Both articles strikes right in the heart of the mission and activity of SunErgy and 2 Mites, namely that access to affordable electricity will enable millions of people to escape poverty, moving towards a better and brighter future! “In the first phase 600 000 people, plus schools, health centers, businesses and government agencies in the Southwest corner of Cameroon are included” Dr. Skjørshammer, Managing Director of SunErgy and 2 Mites says, continuing “our plan is to in the near future extend our activity to other parts of Cameroon and Africa. We have been contacted by a number of African countries wanting us to come. The technology together with a viable and sustainable  business model makes it possible”. “There are no good reasons why this can not and should not be done” adds Mr. Ole Hallvard Haugen, Chairman of Board of Directors of the company.”

These (and other) reports show that SunErgy and 2 Mites are right on target with its African off-grid development activity. This was also the reason given to SunErgy when invited as one of 20 companies, on a global scale, to showcase itself and its activities at the UNEP Conference in Nairobi in June last year.

When reading the article or seeing the program, please keep SunErgy and 2 Mites in mind.

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