Each Summer SunErgy accepts a group of students for internship in solar energy. This year five lucky engineering students from the University of Buea got the opportunity.

The students are being trained in all aspects of solar energy including solar power generation, transmission, distribution, the solar business and the SunErgy idea and vision. They also participate actively working in “SunErgy villages”

“Education is a cornerstone for future development and growth of Africa; the same with electricity. The two walk hand in hand” says Mr. Mike Fohba, Managing Director of SunErgy Cameroon and responsible for the training assisted by the Technical Director Mr. John Ngam and other staff members.

“During their three months training with us, they acquire a lot of knowledge and practical skills, which will turn them into better students, while also preparing them for the job market and future jobs,” Mr. Fohba concludes, himself a part-time engineering lecturer at the University of Buea.20160808_115412

Photo. Left to right front row: Ewo Gabriel Ojong, Library Barine, Nasumba Johnson Eboa, Ndumboh Adolforce N., Ngwa Noris.

Left to right second row: Mr. John Ngam, Technical Director, Mr. Mike Fohba, Managing Director, Mrs. Maria Kesam, Field Representative, Mr. Emmanuel Nkom, Administrative Director, Mrs. Grace Amoh. Finance Director.


On the 15 of August we will celebrate the one-year anniversary of switching on electricity in the village of Bokosso. In addition this past year we provided the people with access to cable TV and the Internet.

Enclosed you can read how the people have experienced the past year. We named it “The peoples voice”


We are hard at work electrifying villages enabling people to escape poverty, moving into a better and brighter future.

Yesterday (June 2) two solar containers were released from the harbor in Douala on record time. First time we shipped containers to Cameroon, we struggled for six months to have the containers released. This time it took only four weeks. Real progress.

One may look for the reasons are behind this “real progress”. It could be a combination of several factors. One is that things are improving and moving forward in Cameroon, which is great and encouraging for future developments. The second (and for sure), we have also learned a thing or two about shipping containers to Cameron and having them released without any major hick-ups or delays. Both important. Time for celebration! Soon more families will have access to electricity, moving out of darkness to a brighter and more prosperous future.

Enclosed are some pictures showing the containers arriving our HQ and lifted off the trucks and some of the employees celebrating the safe, sound and speedy release of the containers.

In the containers was also school materials donated by the French company Hamelin to be distributed to schoolchildren in the villages when school starts this fall.


In the beginning of January five computers were installed in the school of Bokosso after a room had been dedicated as a computer room and completely renovated both inside and outside, including installation of electricity and new tables and chairs. At the opening of the computer room, Mr. Mesumble Mchael, the principal of the school said «We are very happy to be able to teach the students using computers and having access to internet. I can hardly wait to start the classes. We are the only school in this region having computers available in the classroom». The chairman of the school board added «this is a dream come through. In June my term as chairman of the school board expires. During my many years in office, this day is what I have been yearning for. It is just fantastic and I am so happy it came through while I still was in the office».

Students at Bokosso high school participated with singing during the ceremony

Students at Bokosso high school participated with singing during the ceremony

The installation of the computer room

The installation of the computer room

From the opening ceremony. From left: Mr. Njuba Francis (chairman of the school board), Mr. Mensumbe Michal (Principal of the school), Dr. Stein Skjorshammer (SunErgy), Mr. Benga John (Chief of Bokosso), Mr. Ngotto Amas Dibjena (Regent of Bokosso)

From the opening ceremony. From left: Mr. Njuba Francis (chairman of the school board), Mr. Mensumbe Michal (Principal of the school), Dr. Stein Skjorshammer (SunErgy), Mr. Benga John (Chief of Bokosso), Mr. Ngotto Amas Dibjena (Regent of Bokosso)


Next solar containers are ready for shipment to Cameroon. “We are moving on, installing electricity, cable television and internet”, Dr. Skjørshammer says, who continues “our teams both in Cameroon, Norway and Sweden are fantastic. A lot of efforts goes into this project. It takes dedication and hard work. The rewards are fantastic, happy smiles and faces as people switch on electricity and gather around to watch television. Nothing could be better.”

Together with the equipment are various school materials donated by the French Office Supply company Hamelin through their branches in Denmark and Norway.


A fifteen meter high internet tower is being built in Bokosso. “On this tower we will place the antenna for receiving and sending internet signals, which will enable he people to communicate with the outside world through internet” Managing Director of SunErgy Cameroon, Mr, Mike Fohba says. “In addition they can search information on Google, together with sending and receiving mail.
We built the tower ourselves in our workshop in Buea. Due to its hight, we had to build it in several parts, assembling it in the village before erection.”

“It is almost beyond imagination what this will mean for the people and the community” says CEO of SunErgy, Norway. “In addition to what Mr. Fohba says, I also want to mention schools and health, such as E- medicine.”

Internet tower being built and ready for transport to Bokosso.

Internet tower being built and ready for transport to Bokosso.


Dr. Skjørshammer has been named International Visiting Professor at Bamenda University of Science and Technology, School of Business (BUST) at Bamenda, Cameroon.

“I take this as a great honour,” Dr. Skjørshammer says continuing “we have developed a good cooperation with BUST over the years”. BUST is a leading private university in Cameroon. The university experiences a tremendous increase in number of students from all parts of Africa. Among other things, students can have bachelors and master degrees in entrepreneurship and renewable energy. As for me, I am looking forward to be affiliated with both programs.”




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On July 27 CNN hosted a program about electricity in Africa on CNN/Marketplace Africa, featuring the United Nations and the former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. In the program Annan talks about the needs and the opportunities related to solar energy in Africa, comparing Africa`s energy situation to the Industrial Revolution. To watch the show on CNN please go to .

On June 15 The Guardian hosted an article by Larry Elliott on “Group headed by Kofi Annan urges west to help Africa fund solar panels” .To read the article, please go to

Both articles strikes right in the heart of the mission and activity of SunErgy and 2 Mites, namely that access to affordable electricity will enable millions of people to escape poverty, moving towards a better and brighter future! “In the first phase 600 000 people, plus schools, health centers, businesses and government agencies in the Southwest corner of Cameroon are included” Dr. Skjørshammer, Managing Director of SunErgy and 2 Mites says, continuing “our plan is to in the near future extend our activity to other parts of Cameroon and Africa. We have been contacted by a number of African countries wanting us to come. The technology together with a viable and sustainable  business model makes it possible”. “There are no good reasons why this can not and should not be done” adds Mr. Ole Hallvard Haugen, Chairman of Board of Directors of the company.”

These (and other) reports show that SunErgy and 2 Mites are right on target with its African off-grid development activity. This was also the reason given to SunErgy when invited as one of 20 companies, on a global scale, to showcase itself and its activities at the UNEP Conference in Nairobi in June last year.

When reading the article or seeing the program, please keep SunErgy and 2 Mites in mind.


All the homes, schools, business and health center in Bokosso will be soon connected to electricity. The picture shows a happy, young man looking forward to having electricity, cable TV and Internet for his every day use. What most of us take for granted, he will soon enjoy!

Picture: Ready for electricity, cable TV and Internet.

Picture: Ready for electricity, cable TV and Internet.