Each Summer SunErgy accepts a group of students for internship in solar energy. This year five lucky engineering students from the University of Buea got the opportunity.

The students are being trained in all aspects of solar energy including solar power generation, transmission, distribution, the solar business and the SunErgy idea and vision. They also participate actively working in “SunErgy villages”

“Education is a cornerstone for future development and growth of Africa; the same with electricity. The two walk hand in hand” says Mr. Mike Fohba, Managing Director of SunErgy Cameroon and responsible for the training assisted by the Technical Director Mr. John Ngam and other staff members.

“During their three months training with us, they acquire a lot of knowledge and practical skills, which will turn them into better students, while also preparing them for the job market and future jobs,” Mr. Fohba concludes, himself a part-time engineering lecturer at the University of Buea.20160808_115412

Photo. Left to right front row: Ewo Gabriel Ojong, Library Barine, Nasumba Johnson Eboa, Ndumboh Adolforce N., Ngwa Noris.

Left to right second row: Mr. John Ngam, Technical Director, Mr. Mike Fohba, Managing Director, Mrs. Maria Kesam, Field Representative, Mr. Emmanuel Nkom, Administrative Director, Mrs. Grace Amoh. Finance Director.


On the 15 of August we will celebrate the one-year anniversary of switching on electricity in the village of Bokosso. In addition this past year we provided the people with access to cable TV and the Internet.

Enclosed you can read how the people have experienced the past year. We named it “The peoples voice”


2Mites has been supporting twenty-two entrepreneurs with loans and now is payback time! “I am pleased to inform that all people are keeping their payback schedule,” says Mr. Wendel. “The first payback date for all twenty-two was June 15th. All paid! Actually, they were standing with their money in their hands ready to pay when the 2Mites team showed up to collect the money.
15th of July was the second payback date. It was just a repetition of June 15th. All twenty-two stood ready to pay when the 2Mites team came around to collect the money. This shows not only the capability, but equally importantly the willingness to pay back the loans. It is inspiring and a great stimulus to increase the “loan certificate activity”.”
(Picture: Chief Ndifongo Jacob Njimba from the village of Bomana in his store together with Dr. Skjørshammer)


During his last visit to Cameroon Dr. Skjørshammer visited the 22 entrepreneurs who are being financed by SunErgy and 2 Mites. “We are very happy and satisfied to see their progress and discuss their business matters. All entrepreneurs are doing fine and have started to pay back loans according to their loan agreements. All those 22 entrepreneurs participated in the last Entrepreneurship Training Seminar. In addition to the importance of seeing these businesses blooming, is the symbolic value by people seeing and experiencing the dawn of a new day. It is just fantastic!”

(Picture showing one of the participants with a kasawa-machine she financed through 2 Mites to start her business grinding kasawa for the farmers in the region to sell in the market.)