The next shipment of containers to Cameroon includes also school material donated by the French Office Supply Company “Hamelin” through its subsidiaries in Denmark and Norway.

“Hamelin has donated a large quantity of school material to be given to the students in the schools in the “SunErgy villages” said Mr. Wendel, responsible for the donation. “In fact, it is enough to fill a whole container with school materials, which we also will do. We will, as time and space permits, pack it in some of the many containers with what solar equipment is being shipped, meaning that it will be shipped at no cost for SunErgy. 

“Hamelin” was going through its inventory due to moving the warehouse to Germany, asking if we could have use for these materials. And I might add, these is great materials, all new and not some throw away. It is all good! We are very thankful to “Hamelin” and its management for their donation showing real corporate social responsibility. It will come to good use for the students in the villages. We have already informed students, teachers and principals in some of the school about this fantastic gift. They are jubilant.”

Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel busy packing a container.

Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel busy packing a container.


All the homes, schools, business and health center in Bokosso will be soon connected to electricity. The picture shows a happy, young man looking forward to having electricity, cable TV and Internet for his every day use. What most of us take for granted, he will soon enjoy!

Picture: Ready for electricity, cable TV and Internet.

Picture: Ready for electricity, cable TV and Internet.


During his last visit to Cameroon Dr. Skjørshammer visited the 22 entrepreneurs who are being financed by SunErgy and 2 Mites. “We are very happy and satisfied to see their progress and discuss their business matters. All entrepreneurs are doing fine and have started to pay back loans according to their loan agreements. All those 22 entrepreneurs participated in the last Entrepreneurship Training Seminar. In addition to the importance of seeing these businesses blooming, is the symbolic value by people seeing and experiencing the dawn of a new day. It is just fantastic!”

(Picture showing one of the participants with a kasawa-machine she financed through 2 Mites to start her business grinding kasawa for the farmers in the region to sell in the market.)