Friday was a milestone day in the history of SunErgy/2 Mites as the company successfully completed a 5 000 000 Norwegian krone or a little more than half a million Euro share capital increase.

“This is how we planned from the very start,” says Dr. Stein Skjorshammer, who started the company together with Mr. Haugen.

“The idea from the very beginning has been to take in additional capital as we continued building” Mr. Haugen and Dr. Skjorshammer informs. “So far it has worked as planned. Existing shareholders contributed the money needed to finish the next villages. We interpret this as a vote of confidence in us, the worked carried out and the vision of SunErgy/2 Mites. Actually, we could have gotten more money, but this was what we needed this time”, they concluded, thanking all who support and take an active part in the future success of companies.

“As the activity increases, we remind about the loan certificates”, Dr. Skjorshammer says. “Those who want to know more should get in touch with Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel who handles the certificates. They can do so by going to our home page or contacting Mr. Wendel on phone +47 915 47 047.”



Today (March 17) the next solar containers were loaded unto a ship destined for Cameroon and the village of Kotho. In a few months more than 500 families or 2500 people, plus schools, health centers and businesses will see an end to their nightmare, having electricity, cable TV and Internet.

Finally they access to the outside world and a real opportunity to escape poverty, moving into a brighter and better future.

Years of darkness ending! All for less than one Cameroonian beer per day! Light triumphing darkness!

It can not get much better than this?!

In Sub-Saharan there are 800 million more dreams waiting to come true. We are hard at work.

2015-06-19 10.42.49.jpg


The next shipment of containers to Cameroon includes also school material donated by the French Office Supply Company “Hamelin” through its subsidiaries in Denmark and Norway.

“Hamelin has donated a large quantity of school material to be given to the students in the schools in the “SunErgy villages” said Mr. Wendel, responsible for the donation. “In fact, it is enough to fill a whole container with school materials, which we also will do. We will, as time and space permits, pack it in some of the many containers with what solar equipment is being shipped, meaning that it will be shipped at no cost for SunErgy. 

“Hamelin” was going through its inventory due to moving the warehouse to Germany, asking if we could have use for these materials. And I might add, these is great materials, all new and not some throw away. It is all good! We are very thankful to “Hamelin” and its management for their donation showing real corporate social responsibility. It will come to good use for the students in the villages. We have already informed students, teachers and principals in some of the school about this fantastic gift. They are jubilant.”

Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel busy packing a container.

Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel busy packing a container.


The first solar power station has arrived and was installed in Bokosso on June 10th. According the Mr. Mike Fohba, Managing Director of Sunergy Cameroon: “The plan is for the plant to turn on the lights in last week of June. Work is going according to schedule. I am confident we will meet the deadline for Bokosso after which we will continue to a next village. Altogether we plan to “electrify” six villages this year. By 2018 all 92 villages in the project should be up and running.”

The solar power station arriving to Bokosso.

The solar power station arriving to Bokosso.


2 Mites participated on Tuesday, November 18th in the “Morning Safari” radio program. According to the host Mrs. Tabe Enonchong, “The program reaches millions of people in Cameroon and around the world, discussing various topics of interest for Cameroon and its people. The program has a huge following, from all layers of society, including politicians, government employees, businesspeople, university professors and more “ordinary people”. During the program people from Cameroon and all over the world may call in   for questions and comments”. You may follow the program both on Facebook and Twitter.
Morning safari program
Picture: featuring the radio program “Morning Safari”

Entrepreneurship trainings

“The first loan certificates to the nominal value of NOK 10 000 have been placed with a total of 100 certificates planned placed by October 2013.”

“A total of ninety participants graduated from  “2011 July Training” with their own business plan enabling  them to successfully launch their own business and the creation of more than seven hundred new jobs. Due to the success of the “2011 July Training” 2 Mites has received many requests for more Entrepreneurship Training. Next Training is planned on January 2013 with special invitation for ninety persons from the “SunErgy Villages” to participate. The Training will be conducted in cooperation 2Mites partners.”

“A total of ninety participants graduated from  ” July 2011 Training” with their own business plan enabling  them to successfully launch their own business and the  creation of more than seven hundred new jobs. The need and interest to participate in the Entrepreneurship Training is enormous. “Time and money permitting, we could arrange an almost endless number of seminars, giving thousands of young people the opportunity to create their own jobs and escape poverty, bringing joy and meaning to their lives”, said Dr. Skjørshammer in conclusion of the “July 2011 Training” and continued “we will do our uttermost!”