Friday was a milestone day in the history of SunErgy/2 Mites as the company successfully completed a 5 000 000 Norwegian krone or a little more than half a million Euro share capital increase.

“This is how we planned from the very start,” says Dr. Stein Skjorshammer, who started the company together with Mr. Haugen.

“The idea from the very beginning has been to take in additional capital as we continued building” Mr. Haugen and Dr. Skjorshammer informs. “So far it has worked as planned. Existing shareholders contributed the money needed to finish the next villages. We interpret this as a vote of confidence in us, the worked carried out and the vision of SunErgy/2 Mites. Actually, we could have gotten more money, but this was what we needed this time”, they concluded, thanking all who support and take an active part in the future success of companies.

“As the activity increases, we remind about the loan certificates”, Dr. Skjorshammer says. “Those who want to know more should get in touch with Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel who handles the certificates. They can do so by going to our home page or contacting Mr. Wendel on phone +47 915 47 047.”



The next shipment of containers to Cameroon includes also school material donated by the French Office Supply Company “Hamelin” through its subsidiaries in Denmark and Norway.

“Hamelin has donated a large quantity of school material to be given to the students in the schools in the “SunErgy villages” said Mr. Wendel, responsible for the donation. “In fact, it is enough to fill a whole container with school materials, which we also will do. We will, as time and space permits, pack it in some of the many containers with what solar equipment is being shipped, meaning that it will be shipped at no cost for SunErgy. 

“Hamelin” was going through its inventory due to moving the warehouse to Germany, asking if we could have use for these materials. And I might add, these is great materials, all new and not some throw away. It is all good! We are very thankful to “Hamelin” and its management for their donation showing real corporate social responsibility. It will come to good use for the students in the villages. We have already informed students, teachers and principals in some of the school about this fantastic gift. They are jubilant.”

Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel busy packing a container.

Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel busy packing a container.


SunErgy has just placed new orders for equipment to power the next three villages. The picture shows representatives from SunErgy, 2 Mites and Eltek.

“This is milestone achievement ”, Mr. Haugen says. “Things are really moving forward with great speed. It is almost unbelievable how far we have come in a fairly short time. There is no denial that the road from time to time has been rather bumpy. But as we all know, difficulties are made to be overcome. Now, it is full speed ahead!”

“SunErgy is also working on an order for the next twelve villages to be installed during the first six months of 2016”, Dr. Skjørshammer adds. In a week or two, they will be confirmed and signed. Our cooperation with the suppliers are the best. We are very pleased, moving forward together.”

“2 Mites plays an important role in making electricity available for the households. SunErgy provides the electricity, while the cost of wiring the house is the responsibility of each family.  2 Mites provides the needed micro financing,” Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel says. “We are really appreciating all people buying loan certificates. We only need many more.”

Mr. Per-Arne Meloun (Eltek), Dr. Stein Skjorshammer (SunErgy), Mr. Dariusz Kowalczyk (Eltek), Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel (2 Mites).

Mr. Per-Arne Meloun (Eltek), Dr. Stein Skjorshammer (SunErgy), Mr. Dariusz Kowalczyk (Eltek), Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel (2 Mites).



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On July 27 CNN hosted a program about electricity in Africa on CNN/Marketplace Africa, featuring the United Nations and the former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. In the program Annan talks about the needs and the opportunities related to solar energy in Africa, comparing Africa`s energy situation to the Industrial Revolution. To watch the show on CNN please go to .

On June 15 The Guardian hosted an article by Larry Elliott on “Group headed by Kofi Annan urges west to help Africa fund solar panels” .To read the article, please go to

Both articles strikes right in the heart of the mission and activity of SunErgy and 2 Mites, namely that access to affordable electricity will enable millions of people to escape poverty, moving towards a better and brighter future! “In the first phase 600 000 people, plus schools, health centers, businesses and government agencies in the Southwest corner of Cameroon are included” Dr. Skjørshammer, Managing Director of SunErgy and 2 Mites says, continuing “our plan is to in the near future extend our activity to other parts of Cameroon and Africa. We have been contacted by a number of African countries wanting us to come. The technology together with a viable and sustainable  business model makes it possible”. “There are no good reasons why this can not and should not be done” adds Mr. Ole Hallvard Haugen, Chairman of Board of Directors of the company.”

These (and other) reports show that SunErgy and 2 Mites are right on target with its African off-grid development activity. This was also the reason given to SunErgy when invited as one of 20 companies, on a global scale, to showcase itself and its activities at the UNEP Conference in Nairobi in June last year.

When reading the article or seeing the program, please keep SunErgy and 2 Mites in mind.


The first solar power station has arrived and was installed in Bokosso on June 10th. According the Mr. Mike Fohba, Managing Director of Sunergy Cameroon: “The plan is for the plant to turn on the lights in last week of June. Work is going according to schedule. I am confident we will meet the deadline for Bokosso after which we will continue to a next village. Altogether we plan to “electrify” six villages this year. By 2018 all 92 villages in the project should be up and running.”

The solar power station arriving to Bokosso.

The solar power station arriving to Bokosso.


A Norwegian company known as SunErgy has embarked on a project to provide electricity to some 350,000 people in 92 villages in Mbonge Sub Division of the Southwest Region. The Managing Director of the company, Stein Skjorshammer, made the revelation during an audience with the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, at the Star Building in Yaounde recently.

To read the full article published in Cameroon Postline 23/02/2015 follow the link HERE


“The new job creation related to the project is estimated to reach more than 10 000,” according to Mr. Haugen, Chairman of Board of Directors of 2 Mites. “The nr of new jobs created is related to the entrepreneurship training, employment in SunErgy and with the subcontracts. Approximately 10 000 new jobs will be created due to the project itself and our entrepreneurship training. Approximately 500 jobs will be related to SunErgy Cameroon and its activities, while 500 new jobs will be created by our subcontractors.” Mr. Haugen continues, “it does not take much fantasy to understand the great change this will create for the people in the villages.”
Picture: Wife and husband, one of many who get help from 2 Mites to start their own business. The couple operates a small hotel and a restaurant in one of the villages.


Finally, the truck and the forklift arrived in Cameroon and is put to work. The truck will be used to transport various equipment and machinery to the villages in connection with installing electricity.

“The truck represents a sizable savings for us” Dr. Skjørshammer says. “Initially, we were thinking that we would hire transporters to move equipment to the villages, which we also tried a couple of times. However, it turned out to be very complicated, either because the cars being offered were in a very poor condition and the price was too steep. So we got our own car, hired our own driver. It works perfectly!”


Picture: The truck and the forklift arriving Cameroon.


The first loans are being paid back by the people who participated in the entrepreneurship seminar.

“We are proud to announce that everybody are paying back on time”; Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel says”. “This shows both ability and willingness to pay. We were planning it would be so, now we know! It looks promising for the future!” Mr. Wendel continues “during the past two years more than 700 new jobs has been created through our activity in the region; every day putting food on the table for some 4000 people”.

(Picture: One of the entrepreneurs in the village of Efolofo behind her investment in a machine grinding cassava before selling it in the local market.  Here surrounded by 2 Mites representatives.)