Bjørseth was elected Chairman of SunErgy (the mother company of 2 Mites)  Board of Directors on the Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting on December 14.

“We are very fortunate and pleased to have Dr. Bjørseth as chairman. His success and reputation in the field of solar energy, not least as the founder of Renewable Energy Corporation and Scatec Solar is invaluable.

Our vision is to build SunErgy into a global leading in providing electricity to off-grid village. Through offering electricity, Internet and Cable Television we will enable millions of people to escape poverty, moving into a brighter and more prosperous future” says Dr. Stein Skjørshammer, Managing Director of the company.

Other new members elected were Mr. Jon Skjørshammer, partner at the law firm SANDS and Mr. Jon Rømer Sandberg, owner of the investment and consulting firm Belvedere.

Ole Hallvard Haugen and Stein Skjørshammer will remain on the Board.

“While greeting the new board members welcome we should also thank Mr. Magnar Bjørk and Mr. Pål Klouman, outgoing members for their dedicated and inspiration contributions while being on the Board. They have served us well”, Dr. Skjørshammer concludes.


70 children – 12 Big Macs

It was much happiness and joy when we finished and opened the solar power station at Bishop Judith Craig`s Children’s Village outside the capital city Monrovia, Liberia. Children and staff were jubilant!

70 children, some who were made orphans during the Ebola epidemic that plagued the country in 2014, live in the village together with the staff. On the same campus is also a school with more than 600 children. As of last Friday (Oct . 26) the people at the village and the school can enjoy electricity as it was switched on.

Below are some pictures taken by our engineer Piotr Kwasowski, who was responsible for the installation. The pictures are from the village and the opening ceremony. The ribbon was cut jointly by the bishop of the United Methodist Church in Liberia, Bishop Quire and a former resident at the village, Mason, who was one of the first children at the opening of the village some 20 years ago and their first university graduate.  The two holding the ribbon is Debbie and Aron who will graduate from the school next spring, leaving the village to continue their university education. Both want to study medicine to become medical doctors “so we can help  the people and our country”.

Back to the 70 children and the 12 Big Macs! The total cost to keep a child at the village (food, lodging, education, etc.)  adds up to 1 USD  per day while  the price of a Big Mac in Norway is almost 6 USD (5.91 USD to be correct). Comparing the two numbers; 12 Big Macs pays for 70 children for one day. The idea of comparing the children and the Big Macs is not to give a feeling of guilt or keeping anyone away from enjoying their Big Mac, rather to remind ourselves and put the Big Macs into a different perspective from what we are used to. Or in a historical perspective, think of the billions of Big Macs that has been bought and enjoyed since the start of MacDonald’s in 1948 in its more than 36.900 restaurants with more than 1.5 million employees in over 100 countries around the world. We don`t even want to start calculating; only one days consumption of Big Macs would be mind-boggling.  It may be a crazy calculation and comparison, but sometimes it is good to be a little crazy in our thinking. Outside the box! And besides, the divide between failure and success is all too often shockingly slim; in this case, just a few hamburgers.

Finally, this whole project was sponsored and paid for by the United Methodist Church, Board of Global Ministries in Norway. We were just grateful being selected to do the job based upon our experiences in Africa.


Enclosed are the latest pictures from Kotho 1, taken today.

The pictures show the solar park and the batteries installed. We will start charging the batteries next week getting ready for September 8. Do we need to tell that the whole village is filled with excitement and expectations? 8 of September cannot come soon enough! Generations of waiting are over. Light is here. Hopes and dream coming through!

A big applause and salute to Mr. Mike Fohba, Managing Director of SunErgy Cameroon and his team! They have been working hard and diligently under extreme condition, this being the rainy season.

Guys, we salute you! You are real heroes!




The pictures show the solar power station for Judith Craig`s Village for the seventy- four homeless children in Monrovia, Liberia packed and ready for shipment.

By the end of July the children will flip a switch for light enabling them to do the things you and I take for granted; school work after dark, watching television, experiencing the security of street lights, etc.; this and much more for less than 4 cents per day per child for the next thirty years. Almost for free. A true energy miracle! All sponsored and paid for by the Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church in Norway.

And the best! We can repeat the same in an endless number of similar projects all around the world; giving young and old a new life and a better future.

Finally, something to contemplate; one hotdog bought in Norway at a gasoline station will bring electricity for one day to almost 150 children in a similar situation as the seventy-four children at Judith Crag´s Village.




Friday was a milestone day in the history of SunErgy/2 Mites as the company successfully completed a 5 000 000 Norwegian krone or a little more than half a million Euro share capital increase.

“This is how we planned from the very start,” says Dr. Stein Skjorshammer, who started the company together with Mr. Haugen.

“The idea from the very beginning has been to take in additional capital as we continued building” Mr. Haugen and Dr. Skjorshammer informs. “So far it has worked as planned. Existing shareholders contributed the money needed to finish the next villages. We interpret this as a vote of confidence in us, the worked carried out and the vision of SunErgy/2 Mites. Actually, we could have gotten more money, but this was what we needed this time”, they concluded, thanking all who support and take an active part in the future success of companies.

“As the activity increases, we remind about the loan certificates”, Dr. Skjorshammer says. “Those who want to know more should get in touch with Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel who handles the certificates. They can do so by going to our home http://2mitescredit.org/services/ page or contacting Mr. Wendel on phone +47 915 47 047.”



Each Summer SunErgy accepts a group of students for internship in solar energy. This year five lucky engineering students from the University of Buea got the opportunity.

The students are being trained in all aspects of solar energy including solar power generation, transmission, distribution, the solar business and the SunErgy idea and vision. They also participate actively working in “SunErgy villages”

“Education is a cornerstone for future development and growth of Africa; the same with electricity. The two walk hand in hand” says Mr. Mike Fohba, Managing Director of SunErgy Cameroon and responsible for the training assisted by the Technical Director Mr. John Ngam and other staff members.

“During their three months training with us, they acquire a lot of knowledge and practical skills, which will turn them into better students, while also preparing them for the job market and future jobs,” Mr. Fohba concludes, himself a part-time engineering lecturer at the University of Buea.20160808_115412

Photo. Left to right front row: Ewo Gabriel Ojong, Library Barine, Nasumba Johnson Eboa, Ndumboh Adolforce N., Ngwa Noris.

Left to right second row: Mr. John Ngam, Technical Director, Mr. Mike Fohba, Managing Director, Mrs. Maria Kesam, Field Representative, Mr. Emmanuel Nkom, Administrative Director, Mrs. Grace Amoh. Finance Director.


On the 15 of August we will celebrate the one-year anniversary of switching on electricity in the village of Bokosso. In addition this past year we provided the people with access to cable TV and the Internet.

Enclosed you can read how the people have experienced the past year. We named it “The peoples voice”


During January and February Dr. Skjorshammer presented SunErgy at two important conferences in Norway.

The first presentation was at Pareto Securities Annual Power and Renewable Conference in Oslo on January 16th. The conference gathered some 500 key investors and energy people from Scandinavia. The topic of the presentation was “OFF GRID SOLAR POWER IN AFRICA”.

The second presentation was on February 16th at the NKIU (Næringslivets Konferanse for Internasjonalisering og Utvikling 2016/ Conference for Business Internationalization and Development 2016). This conference has a long-standing tradition, held annually at Norwegian Employers Association (NHO) Head Quarters in Oslo.  This is a joint arrangement between Norwegian Employers Association (NHO), Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), Innovation Norway, Veiledningskontoret and NORFUND. The conference, gathered more than 400 key representatives from governments, businesses and international help organizations.

“I felt honored and privileged for being given the opportunity at these two conferences to present SunErgy and our vision” Dr. Skjorshammer says and continues, “which is to give people access to the outside world and thus enabling them to escape poverty, moving into a brighter and more prosperous future. This we do through the introduction and offering of solar power, which gives access to cable TV and Internet, entrepreneurship training and micro credit that enables community-and business development and as a result increased standard of living,” Dr. Skjorshammer says, concluding “It should also be noted that this also holds another benefit, for all of us, namely the stopping of deforestation and climate change.”


In the beginning of January five computers were installed in the school of Bokosso after a room had been dedicated as a computer room and completely renovated both inside and outside, including installation of electricity and new tables and chairs. At the opening of the computer room, Mr. Mesumble Mchael, the principal of the school said «We are very happy to be able to teach the students using computers and having access to internet. I can hardly wait to start the classes. We are the only school in this region having computers available in the classroom». The chairman of the school board added «this is a dream come through. In June my term as chairman of the school board expires. During my many years in office, this day is what I have been yearning for. It is just fantastic and I am so happy it came through while I still was in the office».

Students at Bokosso high school participated with singing during the ceremony

Students at Bokosso high school participated with singing during the ceremony

The installation of the computer room

The installation of the computer room

From the opening ceremony. From left: Mr. Njuba Francis (chairman of the school board), Mr. Mensumbe Michal (Principal of the school), Dr. Stein Skjorshammer (SunErgy), Mr. Benga John (Chief of Bokosso), Mr. Ngotto Amas Dibjena (Regent of Bokosso)

From the opening ceremony. From left: Mr. Njuba Francis (chairman of the school board), Mr. Mensumbe Michal (Principal of the school), Dr. Stein Skjorshammer (SunErgy), Mr. Benga John (Chief of Bokosso), Mr. Ngotto Amas Dibjena (Regent of Bokosso)