Creating new jobs

Both Europe and Africa is struggling with high unemployment. Last figures from Spain shows a general unemployment of twenty per cent. Among the youth it is 52 percent. Similar figures from Africa also shows record unemployment; however, for different reason. Why Europe is “going downhill” and industries and governments are busy laying people off and downsize, Africa is “going uphill”, growing by leaps and bounds.

The age groups thirty and under is over fifty percent of total population and growing. To keep up with the demand for new jobs seems almost impossible in spite of strong efforts. 2 Mites wants to participate in job creation in Africa in cooperation with our African Partners, Nordic Entrepreneurship Institute and SunErgy. Together we are arranging Entrepreneurship Training and offering micro credit to entrepreneurs participating in the seminar. In last seminar  ninety persons participated with different business ideas, resulting in more than seven hundred new jobs, including agriculture, trading, transportation, building, etc. All for a fraction of the cost related to similar activities in Europe. The next  Entrepreneurship Training is scheduled for first quarter of 2013 with ninety persons invited to participate. According to Dr. Skjørshammer, managing director of 2 Mites, “the sad news are that the need is tremendous and the numbers asking to participate is far more than we can accommodate, while the good news is that new jobs are created in record numbers and at record speed.”

The Entrepreneurship Training consists of two weeks intensive training including lectures, practice and the writing of the final business plan and launching of the business. In addition to the availability of micro financing, the participants stick together after the training in the network established during the seminar. This network is in turn connected with the already existing network from previous seminars. 2 Mites is also in the process of starting a incubator center which is planned up and running first quarter of 2013.

“Africa is up and running. The statistics of the ten fastest growing economies in the world shows that eight are African countries”, according to Dr. Skjørshammer  “All bad myths, related to corruption, ill organized, lazy, poor, uneducated, political unstable and war ridden, etc.  is being blown away! Africa stands to be the next China or India. We want to be there and make our contribution to a successful and prosperous Africa. . This is the place to be! Soon more and more business will discover the opportunities and be be flocking to the continent. The first ones are already there! The African people are headed for a prosperous and brighter future!”