Bomboko community ceremony

During a ceremony on May 1in Buea, Cameroon, the chiefs of the Bomboko Area honored John Sullivan and Stein Skjørshammer with membership into the Bomboko community by dressing them in traditional Bomboko costumes and presenting them before an audience of more than 100 persons, all from the Bomboko Area. “This was a great surprise and an honor I never expected”, said Sullivan, who spoke on behalf of the two during the ceremony. “The theory has it that we all (black, white, yellow, red) originate from Africa. Africa is our roots. Now, I can claim, not only having my roots in Africa,  I am an African and I immensely proud of it!  Dr. Skjørshammer and I belong to the Bomboko-clan!”

Stein Skjorshammer

New entrepreneurship seminar is taking place already in August!

SunErgy and 2 Mites will arrange together with the nine villages participating in the Entrepreneurship Seminar “Market days”, planned for August 2 – 4. During these days, the participants from the seminar will exhibit their business ideas. In addition will be soccer tournament from boys and girls and a beauty pageant. “Preparation are well on its way and we are all looking forward to three wonderful days, filled of excitement and inspiration”, the chief of Bokosso tells, Chief Benga John.
“We are recently starting a collection of shoes for the players” Dr. Skjørshammer says “not all people have shoes for playing soccer. Since it will be 18 teams with 11 players on each team, we need at least 200 pair of shoes. A shoe collection has been started!”

Entrepreneurship seminar was a great success!

More than ninety persons from the Bomboko area in Cameroon participated in a Entrepreneurship Seminar from April 21 – Mai 1. “It was a fantastic experience to spend twelve days with the participants, listening to their ideas and assisting them in writing their business plans” says Dr. Skjørshammer. “I am more than confident that this will truly impact he area, enabling people to escape poverty. The business ideas ranged from farming, food store, hairdressing, pharmacy, training, various building companies, etc. It was just great. Now, the follow up starts with one representative from SunErgy and 2 Mites for the next four months visiting each of the nine villages for half a day twice a month to work with the entrepreneurs. The whole thing will conclude with “market days” in August when all the nine villages will get together for three days for exhibition of their business ideas and various social activities. We are very pleased and thankful to NORAD who partially sponsored the seminar with NOK 200.000.”