The follow-up of the Entrepreneurship seminar

The follow-up on the Entrepreneurship seminar is going according to the plan. Two “follow-up visits” have been arranged at the villages participating in the seminar. Responsible for the follow-up is Mr. Mike Fohba and Mrs., Mariana Kesam. “People are working hard on their business plans” Mr. Fohba says and adds “however, we shall not forget that this is a new thing for the participants. They need time and help. But I am sure that several new businesses will be started. One additional good things, is that all planned start-ups will improve life in the community. It is obvious that people love their communities and has a strong desire to contribute to a brighter future”. Next visit by the team is planned for the first week in July.


2 Mites headquarter

The work with the 2 Mites HQ in Ombe is planned to be finished by the end of June. “Both 2 Mites and SunErgy plan to move in by the end of this month”, says Dr. Skjorshammer and adds “that this will give both companies a state of the art offices. We have actually already started by taking one office in use. We needed a place to work and cleaned out one office for all to share while we are waiting for the rest to get finished”.

2 Mites on television

2 Mites participated in the television program “Hello Cameroon” on June 4th. The program is broadcasted not only nationwide, but also globally. According to representatives for CRTV (Cameroon National Television) the program is watched by “Cameroon diaspora all around the world”. “The truth of this statement is truly being verified by all the emails received after the program”  Dr. Skjorshammer informs. “Not only have we received a large number of emails, but many have been visiting our home page and some have even called on the phone, congratulating Sunergy and Cameroon with a most interesting and needed project. People have also contacted us from other African countries asking if they could have a similar project; requests which we have politely denied due to the need for concentration and focus on what we are already doing”.
Dr. Kinni and Barrister Halle participated in the program in addition to Dr. Skjorshammer. “For those, who do not know, Dr. Kinni, was the person who brought us to Cameroon” Dr. Skjorshammer informs “while Barrister Halle is our legal adviser. They have both made great contributions to the project and will hopefully continue to do so.”

2 Mites on radio

On June 3,  2 Mites participated in “Morning Safari”, which is a popular radio-program with a nationwide following in Cameroon. “This is an early morning program where people are invited to call in and ask questions, says Dr. Skjorshammer. “Almost all Cameroonian’s who have access to a radio listen to the program. Many people called, asking all kinds of questions, like when and if they could have a similar project. It was great fun and most inspiring. This time, I was also joined by Dr. Kinni and Barrister Halle. If I could not answer, they could. We have gotten a lot of publicity in Cameroon. It is obvious that this is a most welcomed project and that many more would like to see the project in their village.”

2 Mites and SunErgy participate on seminar

SunErgy and 2 Mites were invited to participate in a seminar sponsored by the Minister of  the Norwegian Ministry of Cooperation and Development, Mr. Holmås on June 20th 2013. The idea with the seminar was for the Minister to hear and discuss the experiences of a selected number of Norwegian companies working with renewable energy presently active in Africa. “We feel very honored to be invited and included in this distinguished  group of Norwegian companies, Mr. Haugen, Chairman of 2 Mites Board of Directors, says and adds “it makes us extremely proud to be among the few chosen ones.”