2 Mites  was featured at the television program “Hallo Cameroon” on Tuesday, November 17th. According to television host Mrs. Nene Shadzeka, “The program is watched by most Cameroonian’s who have access to television. The show discusses and presents various topics of interest for Cameroon. It is the most popular television show and it is broadcast live.” You may follow the program on Facebook and Twitter.
Cameroon tv
Picture: Mrs. Nene Shadzeka, Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel (2 Mites), Mr. Mike Fohba (Managing Director of SunErgy), Professor Dr. Kinni Fongot, Dr. Stein Skjorshammer (Managing Director of Sunergy and 2 Mites).


2 Mites participated on Tuesday, November 18th in the “Morning Safari” radio program. According to the host Mrs. Tabe Enonchong, “The program reaches millions of people in Cameroon and around the world, discussing various topics of interest for Cameroon and its people. The program has a huge following, from all layers of society, including politicians, government employees, businesspeople, university professors and more “ordinary people”. During the program people from Cameroon and all over the world may call in   for questions and comments”. You may follow the program both on Facebook and Twitter.
Morning safari program
Picture: featuring the radio program “Morning Safari”


Dr. Skjorshammer was interviewed for the Global Watch program. Global Watch is a program which discusses environmental issues and questions. Dr. Skjorshammer was invited to talk about investments in renewable energy, especially those related to the activity of SunErgy in Cameroon. The program may be viewed on You Tube.
Global Watch Cameroon
Picture: Dr. Skjorshammer interviewed by the host of Global Watch,  Mr. Charles Ebune


SunErgy and 2 Mites invited the chiefs from the villages where electricity is about to be installed. The purpose of the meeting was to inform and update the chiefs about the progress, to answer questions and discuss chiefs comments and ideas. The meeting was held in the Palace of the Chief of Bokosso, Chief John Benga, and was followed by lunch.
Chiefs of Cameroon villages
Picture: Representatives of the chiefs.


The lending to the entrepreneurs has been most successful. According to Mr. Wendel “all entrepreneurs are paying back their loans according to their agreements. Based upon our experience so far, we have decided to extend the number of loans to 23 more persons. These are people who participated in our previous entrepreneurship seminar.”
Picture: A mother inside one shop being sponsored by 2Mites.