Five villages where electricity will be installed in 2015 have been selected. First village is going to be Bokosso with tentative date for switching on the electricity supply being in March. After Bokosso Mueli and Bomanawill will follow and then Koto 1 Efolofo and Koto 2. The schedule for electricity installations in 2015 includes total of twenty-five villages.
“The task ahead is huge,” says Managing Director of SunErgy Cameroon, Mr. Mike Fohba, “However, all preparation is done and we are ready to go! Actually, we can hardly wait for the containers with all technical equipment to be released from the harbour. As soon as they are, you will see us hard at work bringing a brighter future to our people!”
Bokosso - The electrician makes provision for meter and security light-2

Picture: Chief electrical Engineer Mr. John Ngam busy installing electricity in the first village.