On the Christmas week Bokosso witnessed the building of a 15 meter high internet tower. The tower enables the people in the village to  connect with the world. Everything is available- search on Google, meet friends on Facebook, communicate with family and friends on Skype. A whole new world has opened up!

Bokosso internet tower

Bokosso internet tower


Finally people have access to television. And they are liking it. “Almost every family have bought a television”says Mr. Mike Fohba, Managing director of SunErgy Cameroon,  and continues “as soon as we bring them to the village, they are being taken. By the end of January all homes will have at least one set, some two.”


Along with switching on electric, SunErgy provided hot water kettles for boiling clean water. “It is fantastic,” one mother said “finally we can give our children clean water to drink and it is healthy. It is amazing what happens in Bokosso now that we have access to electricity. It is a dream come through.”

Happy children showing off one of the water kettle

Happy children showing off one of the water kettles


In the beginning of December electricity was installed in the health center together with security light outside. “Now the health center is lit at night,inside and outside”, said one of the nurses. “It is fantastic to have light. It makes everything so much easier and more pleasant for both us and our patients. And besides, now we can offer better service and care. Soon we will be able to work like a real a hospital.”


Electricity being installed at the health center



Next solar containers are ready for shipment to Cameroon. “We are moving on, installing electricity, cable television and internet”, Dr. Skjørshammer says, who continues “our teams both in Cameroon, Norway and Sweden are fantastic. A lot of efforts goes into this project. It takes dedication and hard work. The rewards are fantastic, happy smiles and faces as people switch on electricity and gather around to watch television. Nothing could be better.”

Together with the equipment are various school materials donated by the French Office Supply company Hamelin through their branches in Denmark and Norway.


The next shipment of containers to Cameroon includes also school material donated by the French Office Supply Company “Hamelin” through its subsidiaries in Denmark and Norway.

“Hamelin has donated a large quantity of school material to be given to the students in the schools in the “SunErgy villages” said Mr. Wendel, responsible for the donation. “In fact, it is enough to fill a whole container with school materials, which we also will do. We will, as time and space permits, pack it in some of the many containers with what solar equipment is being shipped, meaning that it will be shipped at no cost for SunErgy. 

“Hamelin” was going through its inventory due to moving the warehouse to Germany, asking if we could have use for these materials. And I might add, these is great materials, all new and not some throw away. It is all good! We are very thankful to “Hamelin” and its management for their donation showing real corporate social responsibility. It will come to good use for the students in the villages. We have already informed students, teachers and principals in some of the school about this fantastic gift. They are jubilant.”

Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel busy packing a container.

Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel busy packing a container.


SunErgy has just placed new orders for equipment to power the next three villages. The picture shows representatives from SunErgy, 2 Mites and Eltek.

“This is milestone achievement ”, Mr. Haugen says. “Things are really moving forward with great speed. It is almost unbelievable how far we have come in a fairly short time. There is no denial that the road from time to time has been rather bumpy. But as we all know, difficulties are made to be overcome. Now, it is full speed ahead!”

“SunErgy is also working on an order for the next twelve villages to be installed during the first six months of 2016”, Dr. Skjørshammer adds. In a week or two, they will be confirmed and signed. Our cooperation with the suppliers are the best. We are very pleased, moving forward together.”

“2 Mites plays an important role in making electricity available for the households. SunErgy provides the electricity, while the cost of wiring the house is the responsibility of each family.  2 Mites provides the needed micro financing,” Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel says. “We are really appreciating all people buying loan certificates. We only need many more.”

Mr. Per-Arne Meloun (Eltek), Dr. Stein Skjorshammer (SunErgy), Mr. Dariusz Kowalczyk (Eltek), Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel (2 Mites).

Mr. Per-Arne Meloun (Eltek), Dr. Stein Skjorshammer (SunErgy), Mr. Dariusz Kowalczyk (Eltek), Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel (2 Mites).


A fifteen meter high internet tower is being built in Bokosso. “On this tower we will place the antenna for receiving and sending internet signals, which will enable he people to communicate with the outside world through internet” Managing Director of SunErgy Cameroon, Mr, Mike Fohba says. “In addition they can search information on Google, together with sending and receiving mail.
We built the tower ourselves in our workshop in Buea. Due to its hight, we had to build it in several parts, assembling it in the village before erection.”

“It is almost beyond imagination what this will mean for the people and the community” says CEO of SunErgy, Norway. “In addition to what Mr. Fohba says, I also want to mention schools and health, such as E- medicine.”

Internet tower being built and ready for transport to Bokosso.

Internet tower being built and ready for transport to Bokosso.