The story about 2 Mites/SunErgy is traveling around the world getting more and more attention. Among other things, it was featured on the home page of Climate Action. Quote from the article: “Some referred to the project as “mission impossible”, but it came possible together with the local people of Bokosso, the employees of SunErgy Cameroon, the government of Norway represented by NORAD, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Energy Division), GIEK, EksportKreditt and various world leading equipment suppliers.”


2 Mites/SunErgy was also featured on the home page of INTPOW, Norwegian Renewable Energy Partners: http://www.intpow.com


The Cameroon TV channel HiTV has made a 20 minutes video featuring the switching on the electricity on the village of Bokosso on August 14th. “We also made a one hour program from Bokosso, which we have already programmed and shown” said Mr. Enow Ayuk, The Managing Director and owner of HiTV. “We are looking forward to cooperating with SunErgy as the project develops. This is such and important and great project, not only for Cameroon, but on a global scale.”


Dr. Skjørshammer has been named International Visiting Professor at Bamenda University of Science and Technology, School of Business (BUST) at Bamenda, Cameroon.

“I take this as a great honour,” Dr. Skjørshammer says continuing “we have developed a good cooperation with BUST over the years”. BUST is a leading private university in Cameroon. The university experiences a tremendous increase in number of students from all parts of Africa. Among other things, students can have bachelors and master degrees in entrepreneurship and renewable energy. As for me, I am looking forward to be affiliated with both programs.”



Work has already started and well under way in the next thee villages, including 3,600 homes, plus businesses, schools, health centres, etc.  “We are presently signing up people who want to connect to the electricity network. It is fantastic. People are lining up in queues, waiting to sign up. And who would not”, says Mr. Mike Fohba, Managing Director of SunErgy Cameroon. “For less than the cost of one beer you can enjoy electricity,  cableTV and Internet in your home or business”.


On August 14th, after hard work and commitment, we switched on the lights in the village of Bokosso to the amazement and joy of  its people. Finally after generations of waiting, they got access to electricity and cable TV. The installation of Internet is in works, in a couple of weeks, they can join the rest of the world in Googeling and talking to family and friends on Skype. Or being on Facebook.  A brand new future awaits. A brighter future to come.
This has been a huge undertaking. We started four years ago and now we are there. It`s done. We have accomplished what no other have done before us, at least of what we are aware of and have been able to check. Deep in the tropical rainforest of Cameroon we have installed a solar power station, built a local power-grid, providing the people with electricity, cable TV and Internet. Coupled with entrepreneurship training and micro financing, the people will have access to the outside world and for the first time in their life having a real opportunity to escape poverty and eye a brighter future for themselves and their families. Not strange their celebration lasted all night. All lights on, singing and dancing on the streets. Jubilation. Celebration. A sleepless night. A privilege for SunErgy and the people of SunErgy to participate, celebrating the result of their hard labour. Awesome.
Responsible for the project was Dr. Stein Skjørshammer and Mr. Mike Fohba, Managing Director SunErgy Cameroon.
Some may ask “what about the cost? Maybe that will be a prohibiting factor?” Here is the calculation: people can have a brighter future, access to the outside world and the opportunity to escape poverty for less than the cost of one bottle of Cameroon beer per day. Even better:  The people of Bokosso drink an average of 60 000 bottles of beer per year. If they would drink 45 000 bottles of beer (which should be more than enough) rather than 60 000, they have covered the cost. Paid the price. Or more bluntly, the prospect of a brighter future is hidden in 15 000 bottles! Cutting down alcohol with twenty-five percent. No real sacrifice considering the gain! For the people of Bokosso, the choice was rather easy when hearing the explanation and given the choice. We are confident, tens of millions of people will make the same choice if and when given the opportunity. And the best, it is commercially viable and sustainable. They pay themselves. This is not about handouts or freebies. A huge opportunity for Norwegian solar business, coupled with making money and doing good. Trade and not aid.
Conclusion: There is no reason  (whatsoever) why not all people around the world, presently living in darkness, can`t share in  “the Bokosso experience”. The desire and wish are there. We have (at least) requests from more than twenty-five countries around the world for similar projects: “When will you come to our country?” 1.5 billion of the world`s population live in darkness. Only in Sub-Sahara 800 million people. Now we can shift the focus from talking and discussing about the misery to providing opportunity and possibility! It has never been better, more realistic and possible. It is all there! Proven. Done. Working.
There are many other benefits connected to this, such as climate, preserving the rainforest, health, e-medicine, education, business and community development just to mention a few. The list is endless, imagination being the limitation. Here are only winners!
So what`s ahead? This week we started work on the next two villages. The plan calls for 6 villages to be “electrified” this year, with all 92 villages in the project to be finished by 2018, totalling 121 000 families or 600 000 people, plus schools, health  centres, government offices and local businesses.
2 Mites is proud to be part of the project together with SunErgy, providing the financial means for people to have their homes wired ready for electricity, cableTV and Internet.
Below are a few pictures from “the switching on”.
"The Switching on Team" in front of the solar power station

“The Switching on Team” in front of the solar power station

The Bokosso's solar power station

The Bokosso’s solar power station

Town Hall Meeting before switching on the lights

Town Hall Meeting before switching on the lights

Lights and television is on

Lights and television is on

A night in Bokosso. Not exactly New York, but a good start!

A night in Bokosso. Not exactly New York, but a good start!

"The Switching on Team" enjoying first evening meal in full light.

“The Switching on Team” enjoying first evening meal in full light.

With kind regards,

Stein Skjorshammer, PhD
SunErgy AS 

Ole Hallvard Haugen
Chairman Board of Directors
SunErgy AS 


SunErgy, the sister company of 2 Mites, had the privilege to be selected member of the month by Norwegian African Business Association. “We feel greatly honoured and thankful,” said Haugen and Skjørshammer, the founders of the company.”We have worked hard and diligently during the past years providing solar power, CableTV and Internet to the off-grid villages in the tropical rainforest of Cameroon. However, this is just the beginning. If we can do it in Cameroon, we can do it all around the world, enabling people to escape property, moving into a brighter and prosperous future,” the two concluded. Full details, please see  NABA`s home page: www.naba.dk



Screen Shot 2012-10-07 at 9.20.36 PM



On July 27 CNN hosted a program about electricity in Africa on CNN/Marketplace Africa, featuring the United Nations and the former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. In the program Annan talks about the needs and the opportunities related to solar energy in Africa, comparing Africa`s energy situation to the Industrial Revolution. To watch the show on CNN please go to http://edition.cnn.com/videos/intl_tv-shows/2015/07/27/spc-marketplace-africa-green-energy-b.cnn .

On June 15 The Guardian hosted an article by Larry Elliott on “Group headed by Kofi Annan urges west to help Africa fund solar panels” .To read the article, please go to http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jun/05/group-headed-by-kofi-annan-urges-west-help-africa-solar-panels

Both articles strikes right in the heart of the mission and activity of SunErgy and 2 Mites, namely that access to affordable electricity will enable millions of people to escape poverty, moving towards a better and brighter future! “In the first phase 600 000 people, plus schools, health centers, businesses and government agencies in the Southwest corner of Cameroon are included” Dr. Skjørshammer, Managing Director of SunErgy and 2 Mites says, continuing “our plan is to in the near future extend our activity to other parts of Cameroon and Africa. We have been contacted by a number of African countries wanting us to come. The technology together with a viable and sustainable  business model makes it possible”. “There are no good reasons why this can not and should not be done” adds Mr. Ole Hallvard Haugen, Chairman of Board of Directors of the company.”

These (and other) reports show that SunErgy and 2 Mites are right on target with its African off-grid development activity. This was also the reason given to SunErgy when invited as one of 20 companies, on a global scale, to showcase itself and its activities at the UNEP Conference in Nairobi in June last year.

When reading the article or seeing the program, please keep SunErgy and 2 Mites in mind.

Thank you NORAD!

The other day we got the news that for the second time NORAD (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation), has granted SunErgy/2 Mites NOK 1 000 000 (USD 125 000 ) in support of the project.
“We are deeply grateful and extend our gratitude to NORAD and the Norwegian Government. Their strong support throughout the project has been and is most helpful and a source of continued inspiration, both for us and the 120 000 families in the 92 villages who are the real beneficiaries”, says Dr. Skjørshammer, Managing Director of SunErgy/2 Mites. He continues “from us all, thanks for your support and belief in us and in what we are trying to accomplish. It could not be better!”


The solar container has arrived Bokosso and is up and running. According to the Managing Director of SunErgy Dr. Skjørshammer, “To no surprise it works exactly as planned. However, the container was rigorously tested before shipment to Cameroon.  All what remains is to connect the solar container to the grid and the households. The weather did not exactly help us, right now it is raining cats and dogs, being in the middle of the raining season as we are. However, as soon as the weather permits, we will continue and switch on the electricity. We are there! Hundred years of waiting is over. Dreams come true!”

The weather was not exactly helpful. Raining cats and dogs!

No easy task to get the container to Bokosso!

Container lifted in place.

Container lifted in its place.

Joy! The solar container arrives Bokosso.



Heavy batteries lifted in place.

All in place and working.

Electricity being produced!


The first solar power station has arrived and was installed in Bokosso on June 10th. According the Mr. Mike Fohba, Managing Director of Sunergy Cameroon: “The plan is for the plant to turn on the lights in last week of June. Work is going according to schedule. I am confident we will meet the deadline for Bokosso after which we will continue to a next village. Altogether we plan to “electrify” six villages this year. By 2018 all 92 villages in the project should be up and running.”

The solar power station arriving to Bokosso.

The solar power station arriving to Bokosso.