September 8 will be a milestone day in the history of Kotho 1; they will have access to electricity, Cable TV and Internet.

Mr. Mike, Managing Director of SunErgy Cameroon and his 30 member team are working hard and diligently to make a brighter and more prosperous future come through for the people of Kotho 1.

On our visit to Kotho 1 a couple of weeks ago, we were accompanied by a team from HiTV in Buea who made the following report for you to enjoy.

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Yesterday, four o`clock in the morning, SunErgy Cameroon declared and received a 40 feet container with 700 panels from Singapore in the port of Douala. The panels are for the two next villages. A big congratulation to Mr. Mike and our Cameroon team!

We all know only too well that to import goods to Africa and Cameroon is no easy task; certainly not for amateurs or the fainthearted to try. Again Mr. Mike and the team, having the necessary knowledge, skills and experience, were successful within the shortest period of time. It took a couple of weeks compared to almost six months for the first container a couple of years ago. Things are improving and moving forward!

Well done!

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It is with great pleasure to let you know that a couple of hours ago, we switched on the electricity in New Town Bokosso. According to Managing Director of SunErgy Cameroon, Mr. Mike Fohba it works perfect; people and jubilant and ready for a all night celebration! And thinking about it: what a way to start the advent season. Could it be more timely and perfect? Deep in the rainforest, seeing the light for the first time. More than symbolic!

With New Town Bokosso two villages are up and running. Work is under way on the third village: soon they will also see the light. And then, we will roll out, roll out ……… and roll out again, again and again!

The energy miracle is more than a dream; it`s a dream come true. Eight hundred millions Sub-Saharan without access to electricity, there is no stopping now?


“It is with great pleasure and humility we share the great and exciting news that SunErgy the sister company of 2Mites has been nominated for the prestigious 2017 BLOOMBERG NEW ENERGIES PIONEERS AWARD” says Dr.Stein Skjorshammer, Managing Director of SunErgy.

Bloomberg writes about the award “Each year, we identify 10 game-changing companies globally in the field of clean energy technology and innovation. Winners are unveiled at the Future of Energy Summit, offering invaluable press attention and networking opportunities.
Winners are chosen by a panel of industry experts from, academia, corporations, utilities, finance and technology incubators.”

Dr. Skjorshammer continues, “We are sure that competition will be fierce. As we all know, there are plenty of clever and worthy guys out there. We are by no means the only ones. However, our innovative bundling of modern technologies and business model is quite unique. You shall never say never; we may be up for one more surprise.”

At the 2015 selection Bloomberg announced that “An independent panel of industry experts, assisted by our analysts and technology experts selected the 10 winners from a large number of applicants from around the world. Each candidate was assessed against three criteria: potential scale, innovation and momentum. Each New Energy Pioneer has demonstrated a combination of innovative technologies and business models, substantive progress in its activities, and the potential for global scale.”

“By the end of February we shall learn if we are among the lucky winners who will be invited to the Future of Energy Summit in April 2017 in New York at the United Nations to meet the General Secretary Ban Ki-moon and Mr. Bloomberg together with many other leading figures in the field on New Energies. We shall see. Time will tell. Right now, we are just savoring the big and unexpected surprise of having been nominated. What a joy! A total surprise”, Dr. Skjorshammer concludes.


Mega with Microsoft and Orange.

SunErgy and 2 Mites start a cooperation agreement with two giants in their respective fields, Microsoft and Orange.

“The initial contact and dialogue started in the middle of May.”, Dr. Skjorshammer and Mr. Haugen say, who are co-founders and main shareholders.

“We have worked all through the summer and are now ready to start’’ Skjorshammer says, continuing, “We are extremely pleased and honored for having the opportunity to work with Microsoft and Orange beginning in Cameroon. As SunErgy extends and moves into new markets and countries, we will continue developing the cooperation with Microsoft and Orange. Both companies are active in Africa, and Africa as an important new growth market.’’

He also stated, ‘’With Microsoft, we will focus in three areas: connectivity, energy and education. Connectivity will be related to the Microsoft knowledge and expertise on Cable TV and the Internet. The energy part includes taking full advantage of the Microsoft Cloud and the many opportunities it offers for data gathering and management. An additional important feature is that it allows us to access the system from anywhere in the world, Norway included. This provides full insight and complete control of all activities for the management and the owners. The educational part is the introduction and use of various educational programs developed by Microsoft for school children and adults.’’

The cooperation with Orange, the French mobile phone operator with more than one in ten Africans on their customer list, includes Mobile Phone Payments (Orange Money) and their messaging system. This will allow all SunErgy clients to be able to pay their bills, whether electricity, cable TV, Internet and micro loans, using their mobile phones which in turn will provide for maximum transparency and security of money transfers. All this together creates a state of the art record keeping of all money transfers and clients.

The cooperation with Microsoft and Orange, combined with previously established and ongoing cooperation with reputable, global equipment suppliers for solar electricity, cable TV and the Internet, is of uttermost importance. It is absolutely necessary as SunErgy seeks to expand its activities, which make it a leader in the field of off-grid village development in Africa and elsewhere. With more than 800 million in Sub-Saharan Africa alone having no access to electricity, the market seems almost beyond imagination.

Skjorshammer enthusiastically says, ‘‘with the partnerships we have put together, SunErgy will be well prepared and equipped to play a major role in the development of the region and its people.’’

‘’Finally, we interpret this cooperation as stamp of approval of our achievements so far and that we seems to be on the right track. This is most motivating and encouraging,” Haugen and Skjorshammer conclude.




SunErgy has been featured on Swedish Television. To see the video, click on the link

“We are very happy for the attention we are getting” Dr. Skjørshammer says, continuing “this time it is from Swedish Television. The support of people around is fantastic, greatly benefiting our work and is very inspiring”.


All the homes, schools, business and health center in Bokosso will be soon connected to electricity. The picture shows a happy, young man looking forward to having electricity, cable TV and Internet for his every day use. What most of us take for granted, he will soon enjoy!

Picture: Ready for electricity, cable TV and Internet.

Picture: Ready for electricity, cable TV and Internet.


The work with wiring of households is going ahead with full speed. The picture shows the team of ten electricians working in Bokosso. They have been there for two weeks and will soon be finishing wiring the homes, after which they will start building the grid. “People here are ecstatic” says Mr. Ngam, Chief Electrical Engineer, responsible for the work. “I think we all can understand that after waiting for a generation for electricity, it is finally their turn. What we take for granted, they will only have within a month or so. What a joy!”
Picture: The team responsible for electrical installation with Mr. Ngam standing on the right side, in front.

Picture: The team responsible for electrical installation with Mr. Ngam standing on the right side, in front.


We are presently building a solar power plant in the village of Bokosso. The work goes on full speed. Opening is planned to a middle of May, after which the work will start in the next two villages. “We are moving rapidly ahead” Mr, Wendel says, continuing, “we are looking forward for more people to buying our loan certificates. We are grateful for the ones who have joined us, but we would like more people to join and help them to make a better future for their families.”


Picture: The picture shows a similar power station to that of Bokosso, except in Bokosso there are 240 panels not 12 as shown in this picture. The picture shows Managing Director of SunErgy Cameroon Mr. Mike Fohba together with Field Engineer Mr. John Tancho.


According to Dr. Skjørshammer, the Managing Director of SunErgy, the 92 villages included in the first phase of the project have signed up. “In addition, they have all provided us with the necessary land for building the solar power station. A seemingly never ending stream of villages want to join in. So far we have signed up the villages which were in the original plan, but hundreds more are waiting. Almost every day, we are contacted by villages who wants to join. The interest is fabulous. We will increase the number of participants as we move along.”