2Mites are doing entrepreneurship training in communities where SunErgy is active in cooperation with Pan African Institute of Development and Nordic Entrepreneurship Institute. The entrepreneurship  training includes Entrepreneurship Seminars, Practical Assistance and Network Building. Unemployment in Cameroon is high and the main cause of poverty. When young people graduate from education, they usually graduate to employment. The only job they can get, is the job they create themselves. Thus entrepreneurship training combined with micro credit is essential for fighting unemployment and thus escaping poverty.

First Entrepreneurship Training was conducted in July 2011 with ninety participants resulting in seven hundred new jobs. However, many more than seven hundred will live from this one job. Numbers indicate that a whole family, on the average consisting of five persons,  may depend on this one job for survival. Seven hundred jobs may keep three thousand people alive.

2 Mites and its partners have more than twenty years of practical experience both in developed and emerging markets with great success.

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