Friday was a milestone day in the history of SunErgy/2 Mites as the company successfully completed a 5 000 000 Norwegian krone or a little more than half a million Euro share capital increase.

“This is how we planned from the very start,” says Dr. Stein Skjorshammer, who started the company together with Mr. Haugen.

“The idea from the very beginning has been to take in additional capital as we continued building” Mr. Haugen and Dr. Skjorshammer informs. “So far it has worked as planned. Existing shareholders contributed the money needed to finish the next villages. We interpret this as a vote of confidence in us, the worked carried out and the vision of SunErgy/2 Mites. Actually, we could have gotten more money, but this was what we needed this time”, they concluded, thanking all who support and take an active part in the future success of companies.

“As the activity increases, we remind about the loan certificates”, Dr. Skjorshammer says. “Those who want to know more should get in touch with Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel who handles the certificates. They can do so by going to our home page or contacting Mr. Wendel on phone +47 915 47 047.”



Each Summer SunErgy accepts a group of students for internship in solar energy. This year five lucky engineering students from the University of Buea got the opportunity.

The students are being trained in all aspects of solar energy including solar power generation, transmission, distribution, the solar business and the SunErgy idea and vision. They also participate actively working in “SunErgy villages”

“Education is a cornerstone for future development and growth of Africa; the same with electricity. The two walk hand in hand” says Mr. Mike Fohba, Managing Director of SunErgy Cameroon and responsible for the training assisted by the Technical Director Mr. John Ngam and other staff members.

“During their three months training with us, they acquire a lot of knowledge and practical skills, which will turn them into better students, while also preparing them for the job market and future jobs,” Mr. Fohba concludes, himself a part-time engineering lecturer at the University of Buea.20160808_115412

Photo. Left to right front row: Ewo Gabriel Ojong, Library Barine, Nasumba Johnson Eboa, Ndumboh Adolforce N., Ngwa Noris.

Left to right second row: Mr. John Ngam, Technical Director, Mr. Mike Fohba, Managing Director, Mrs. Maria Kesam, Field Representative, Mr. Emmanuel Nkom, Administrative Director, Mrs. Grace Amoh. Finance Director.


On the 15 of August we will celebrate the one-year anniversary of switching on electricity in the village of Bokosso. In addition this past year we provided the people with access to cable TV and the Internet.

Enclosed you can read how the people have experienced the past year. We named it “The peoples voice”


We are hard at work electrifying villages enabling people to escape poverty, moving into a better and brighter future.

Yesterday (June 2) two solar containers were released from the harbor in Douala on record time. First time we shipped containers to Cameroon, we struggled for six months to have the containers released. This time it took only four weeks. Real progress.

One may look for the reasons are behind this “real progress”. It could be a combination of several factors. One is that things are improving and moving forward in Cameroon, which is great and encouraging for future developments. The second (and for sure), we have also learned a thing or two about shipping containers to Cameron and having them released without any major hick-ups or delays. Both important. Time for celebration! Soon more families will have access to electricity, moving out of darkness to a brighter and more prosperous future.

Enclosed are some pictures showing the containers arriving our HQ and lifted off the trucks and some of the employees celebrating the safe, sound and speedy release of the containers.

In the containers was also school materials donated by the French company Hamelin to be distributed to schoolchildren in the villages when school starts this fall.


In the beginning of December electricity was installed in the health center together with security light outside. “Now the health center is lit at night,inside and outside”, said one of the nurses. “It is fantastic to have light. It makes everything so much easier and more pleasant for both us and our patients. And besides, now we can offer better service and care. Soon we will be able to work like a real a hospital.”


Electricity being installed at the health center



Next solar containers are ready for shipment to Cameroon. “We are moving on, installing electricity, cable television and internet”, Dr. Skjørshammer says, who continues “our teams both in Cameroon, Norway and Sweden are fantastic. A lot of efforts goes into this project. It takes dedication and hard work. The rewards are fantastic, happy smiles and faces as people switch on electricity and gather around to watch television. Nothing could be better.”

Together with the equipment are various school materials donated by the French Office Supply company Hamelin through their branches in Denmark and Norway.


SunErgy has just placed new orders for equipment to power the next three villages. The picture shows representatives from SunErgy, 2 Mites and Eltek.

“This is milestone achievement ”, Mr. Haugen says. “Things are really moving forward with great speed. It is almost unbelievable how far we have come in a fairly short time. There is no denial that the road from time to time has been rather bumpy. But as we all know, difficulties are made to be overcome. Now, it is full speed ahead!”

“SunErgy is also working on an order for the next twelve villages to be installed during the first six months of 2016”, Dr. Skjørshammer adds. In a week or two, they will be confirmed and signed. Our cooperation with the suppliers are the best. We are very pleased, moving forward together.”

“2 Mites plays an important role in making electricity available for the households. SunErgy provides the electricity, while the cost of wiring the house is the responsibility of each family.  2 Mites provides the needed micro financing,” Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel says. “We are really appreciating all people buying loan certificates. We only need many more.”

Mr. Per-Arne Meloun (Eltek), Dr. Stein Skjorshammer (SunErgy), Mr. Dariusz Kowalczyk (Eltek), Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel (2 Mites).

Mr. Per-Arne Meloun (Eltek), Dr. Stein Skjorshammer (SunErgy), Mr. Dariusz Kowalczyk (Eltek), Mr. Knut-Arne Wendel (2 Mites).


The solar container has arrived Bokosso and is up and running. According to the Managing Director of SunErgy Dr. Skjørshammer, “To no surprise it works exactly as planned. However, the container was rigorously tested before shipment to Cameroon.  All what remains is to connect the solar container to the grid and the households. The weather did not exactly help us, right now it is raining cats and dogs, being in the middle of the raining season as we are. However, as soon as the weather permits, we will continue and switch on the electricity. We are there! Hundred years of waiting is over. Dreams come true!”

The weather was not exactly helpful. Raining cats and dogs!

No easy task to get the container to Bokosso!

Container lifted in place.

Container lifted in its place.

Joy! The solar container arrives Bokosso.



Heavy batteries lifted in place.

All in place and working.

Electricity being produced!


All the homes, schools, business and health center in Bokosso will be soon connected to electricity. The picture shows a happy, young man looking forward to having electricity, cable TV and Internet for his every day use. What most of us take for granted, he will soon enjoy!

Picture: Ready for electricity, cable TV and Internet.

Picture: Ready for electricity, cable TV and Internet.


Five villages where electricity will be installed in 2015 have been selected. First village is going to be Bokosso with tentative date for switching on the electricity supply being in March. After Bokosso Mueli and Bomanawill will follow and then Koto 1 Efolofo and Koto 2. The schedule for electricity installations in 2015 includes total of twenty-five villages.
“The task ahead is huge,” says Managing Director of SunErgy Cameroon, Mr. Mike Fohba, “However, all preparation is done and we are ready to go! Actually, we can hardly wait for the containers with all technical equipment to be released from the harbour. As soon as they are, you will see us hard at work bringing a brighter future to our people!”
Bokosso - The electrician makes provision for meter and security light-2

Picture: Chief electrical Engineer Mr. John Ngam busy installing electricity in the first village.